Fruits & Vegetables

Our customers tell us that nothing beats growing their own vegetables. Fortunately, the climate around here is good to grow most of the vegetables that people like to eat, including:


Once upon a time, people thought tomatoes were poisonous. It is true that they’re members of the nightshade family, but summer and tomatoes simply go together. Tomatoes range from big, fat, juicy beefsteaks to meaty, oval-shaped Roma tomatoes to cherry and grape tomatoes perfect to eat whole or give little pops of color to a salad. Like most veggies, tomatoes adore full sun.




Cucumbers are among the easiest vegetable plants to grow. Some people think they’re too easy, for when the plants start to bear they don’t know what to do with all the fruit. Unlike squash, even a cucumber that’s been overlooked in the patch and has grown to the size of a melon retains its sweetness. Cucumbers can be the long slicing type, the shorter pickling type or small and sweet, with thin skins. These cukes are just for snacking on. There are also Asian cucumbers that are best grown on a trellis, since they grow very long and straight.


Though beans have been bred to no longer have strings, they too are an easy crop. They can be bush beans or pole beans and can be green, waxy yellow, very long asparagus beans or beans with red or purple pods whose beans are allowed to grow large before they're dried.