These plants live for years and continue to bloom throughout their lives. Some of them live a very long time indeed. Rosebushes can live for 35 years, and the ones that are well-cared for can live much longer than this. Because of their permanence, perennial plants are anchors in herbaceous borders and beds.

Perennial plants include:


This flower is not only beautiful but is the host and food plant for butterflies such as the monarch and the queen.


This flower is prized for its multi-colored, spurred blooms and blue-green foliage.


It’s true that the big, beautiful, sun-loving flowers of this plant last only a day, but a mass of daylilies in the garden is so prolific that a gardener won’t notice. Daylilies are tough plants that need little care.




Yes, varieties of this plant can be used medicinally, but most folks grow them for their beautiful, daisy-like blossoms. Echinacea is drought-tolerant, easy to grow and blooms from summer to fall.


These low-growing plants with their heart-shaped leaves are just the thing for a shady spot on the property.


The blossoms of these plants can be open or come in compact balls. An interesting thing about hydrangeas is that the petals are different colors depending on the pH of the soil. If a hydrangea is planted in acidic soil, they are blue. If it’s planted in alkaline soil, they're pink.

Lily of the Valley

This plant grows from pips and is treasured for the sweet smell of its delicate, bell-shaped flowers. It's also great for a shady area.


These plants have blooms with thin, brilliantly colored petals that lets the sunlight shine through them.